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Owning your dream house in Alanya is not a dream! Own the house of your dreams with Grand Alanya!

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Although Alanya is one of the most important tourism cities in Turkey, it has been important for many civilizations for centuries with its history, natural beauties and climate. It has become a city where many domestic and foreign investors evaluate their investments in today's world, and many local and foreigners visit it in terms of touristic aspects.

Alanya has managed to attract the attention of everyone who hears its name with its long coastline extending to the Mediterranean. The main sources of income are tourism and agriculture. Due to the increasing importance of Alanya in recent years, the positive development of Alanya on the potential real estate sector and construction sector has been evaluated as an opportunity by many investors, and many investors have proven how valuable Alanya is by buying their third house in Alanya, which they see as their second home.

Our company, which is a pioneer in the sector, provides you with the information and necessary assistance about Alanya that you may need in addition to its activities in the commercial context.


In our project, which will be completed by the end of this year, you can have the apartment of your dreams with the most affordable price advantages, and you can say hello to the sunny days in Alanya with the privileges of Grand Alanya!